Anger is good for you

Anger is good for you

#1 in the series on emotions.

The Dalaï Lama encourages us to get angry! Angry at the injustices of our world, angry at some current political decisions as well as angry at the poor state of our planet, at our slowness to react, or at our lack of common vision.

And over the past years, as part of my research, I had a close look at the consequences of a certain discomfort with so-called negative emotions, in particular anger, and the conditions to master it.

Today, my goal is to share some of these learnings.

  • First, when the Dalaï Lama encourages us to get angry, this call is mainly intended for women, while men should become more empathetic (a very important skill for our times as we saw in previous articles).
  • Second, anger is NOT a negative emotion. While feelings like revenge, bitterness, and resentment are inherently unhealthy, anger, on the contrary, is to be considered a positive emotion. It is because we are afraid of anger, by tradition, that we do not fully grasp its benefits, and in particular fall into many traps (such as losing temper, violence, self-destruction,…).
  • Third, anger is fuel to action, fuel to personal motivation and engagement. When it’s not frustrating, it is what will develop your power in an exponential way. Remove that lid that prevents you from being your whole self!
  • Fourth, anger needs mastery, not management. Appreciating our anger, following it, and acting on it, are key. We should never feel guilty for being angry. Unless we accompany it with violence, which you understand would be proof of a certain fragility.

I know it’s not an easy topic in our context but it has the power to impact our world in a positive fashion. I am launching another counterintuitive series. I hope you are happy!

By the way, note that anger is often a secondary emotion, hiding our sadness, another so-called negative emotion we can be afraid of. We will continue this fascinating topic tomorrow.

Time to make the best of our emotions for a powerful global movement, which will address our complex problems as well as growing injustices.

So, let me ask you: How do you intend to make the most of your anger today to change this world for the benefit of future generations?

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