My why for a session on a “EU Institutional Doughnut”

The next Together-Ensemble session, taking place on 17 March in the EU Institutions and following the internal conference on the doughnut economic model, is part of our reflection to develop our public administrations. Our aim: making them more adaptive and human-centered.

Now let me share four essential reasons which attracted us to this model, before we open the ball to our speakers (Mohua Mukherjee, Rune Meyer and Mia Schokolova):

  • It is time to recognize that we are part of nature. None of our decisions can be made blind anymore. We have to face reality and let go of our illusions to confront the consequences of our actions, increasing our awareness and keeping the future in mind.
  • While we need more conscious choices related to our impact on the planet, we also need to ensure the well-being of people. And that requires involving them with their feelings and emotions in our work and decisions. Leveraging the energy and motivation of people will be key.
  • To solve our sustainability problems, we have to stop operating in silos. Collaboration is essential as we observe the interconnectedness of our system. “One” weak point weakens the whole. And doing things in isolation makes it impossible to realign later. In fact, most of us can agree, when looking at the unfolding of crises, that working in isolation could amplify our problems instead of solving them.
  • And finally, faced with a multitude of solutions, the only way is to become truly holistic to cross-fertilize, find the gaps and, act on them for good.

This session offers a unique experience to get the most out of the model developed by Kate Raworth and already used in various contexts around the world. I will share the outcomes of our session on Medium as well as those coming from our 50 other sessions, with more than 100 international experts and 5,000 participants.

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