Managing, co-leading, being led or resisting?

#2 in the series on emotions

I love asking myself this question in all areas of our lives

For example: at home, I manage, I co-lead or have myself managed? Or am I resisting?

In the office, do I manage, co-lead or have myself managed? Or am I rebelling?

And we could of course continue to ask ourselves the question for just about everything.

My goal is to make you aware of the healthy or unhealthy emotions that we mobilize depending on whether we use this or that strategy

It’s important to be aware of this, because as you know, I deeply believe in the collaboration between body and mind. And in our times, where fears take up a lot of space, it is essential to put in place the conditions for our well-being.

Only those who will be able to care from themselves and their energy will survive the rather difficult period that we are going to go through.

But don’t panic, it’s temporary! We just have to make some changes in our lifestyles, nothing dramatic, on the contrary even, since I am convinced that these will lead us to fulfillment!

Let’s keep hoping, ok?! This is the basis!

And so this series on emotions, I want it quite counterintuitive to change from the traditional discourse, with the aim of fighting our limiting beliefs and illusions.

What we need is to contribute to a better world, in which people become more humble in front of nature, and recognize their limitations as well as needs to become happier.

No, because you liked to wake up one morning and found that most of our decisions, which we thought were benevolent, led us straight into the wall, and would make us one of the worst civilisations ever?!

You know the one which would be absolutely unaware of the enormous harm it is doing to herself, but also to other species, and to our House?

Hard, isn’t it?!

But if we were the species that could destroy everything, we are also the only ones that can rebuild everything!

And so, in the future, are we going to manage our emotions, co-lead them, be directed by them, or resist? What do you think?

I have a preference for co-leading them. I know from experience that each emotion is a huge gift, a signal to our body that we have to act and change something. When we know how to listen to our emotions and, understand them, that’s the moment to do magic! We could even consider starting a dialogue with them.

So, take the time to listen today, to see the effect on your body, and enjoy doing something positive and wonderful with your emotions.


  • When I manage= The controlling mindset (and in the worst case scenario “rigid mindset”) that goes with it, sets up the conditions for an explosion, a shock which will both harm body and mind. Sometimes it appears in the form of a burnout, sometimes a depression, sometimes a war, it depends.
  • When I co-lead= I am accepting, appreciating and by acting on my emotions, I am also letting go, which liberates all tensions in my body and mind.
  • When I am being led= I lose my power totally, I delegate everything, this helplessness is what leads us to depression, wanting to suppress ourselves and, to no longer exist for instance. It is also a strategy that make us look for power elsewhere, leading us to feelings of revenge, or resentment. In all cases, it is bad because then we will take decisions for which we won’t feel aligned, but in reaction. This means that again, we will delegate our power in spite of our illusion to have it. This cannot be more wrong. A bit like a parent who would say “I love you” yet reject a child with her “non-verbal”. I hope you get it, the misalignment is what we need to avoid at all costs. Or we take our power, or we bury it for good (and then yes being led will bring us a form of peace… Yet it also means we won’t have any impact on the third floor of love, which is the only one where we can have a print on history, a real pity to be honest for our children and the next generations).
  • When I resist= I create unnecessary tensions which will block my energies, and create the conditions for a lot of suffering. We have to follow the flow of life, and if our body tells us that something is wrong, then there is no other way than to act on it, and make the necessary changes in our lives. Tell me, why even resist when we could co-lead instead?:)
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