The simple life

#3 in the series on emotions 

I have a strange feeling that we complicate everything for nothing. As if it suited us that nothing was simple anymore in this post-industrial era.

We are told about transparency, about sharing, but we are not trying to simplify understanding. We need more acronyms, more jargon and more applications. And if, what we were trying to do was prove our intelligence, our apparent complexity to hide our true simple wants.

Because on my way to a form of truth, I realised that in the end things were quite simple.

  • There is often only one conflict to resolve to make one’s life easy and happy. And just don’t be afraid to try to solve it. This will free us all at once from the weight of our existence, bringing us to a form of lightness, a mastery of the void and an appreciation of our freedom. Conversion to happiness is much simpler than it seems. It’s just a matter of allowing ourselves to be rather special and different.
  • There is a strategy, co-leading our emotions, thanks to an in-depth knowledge of the wheel of emotions. Knowing how to put the words. Understanding what emotion motivates us and what emotion freezes us. Appreciating our emotions as they are and learning to release them, when they are not bringing anymore gift.
  • There is a need for balance, not to go too high so as not to go too low. Maintaining a course, remaining pragmatic and, being mindful of the heights at the risk of leaving the ground. Taking care in harmony of our masculine and feminine energies, and rejecting none.

This is what I think is the key to a simpler life, something more natural in fact. And, it requires a mastery of our emotions (not management as we saw yesterday).

And when everything seems stuck, then let’s remember that we are not isolated. We are part of a whole and, are only finished thanks to the molecules, neurons and other surrounding particles.

What we need is to let the energy of this world circulates in us as best as possible, without blocking. In full appreciation of our singularity and value.

And, we are mostly water.

There is no limit to what we are and can be. Just think of extension and loopholes, to get out of ourselves and take in the positive energy that surrounds us.

Remember, there are warm suns that remain, in our days and in our nights, it is up to each one of us to seek them out, in ourselves and in others.

It’s time to collectively join a wave of humanity that heals. It will be rather counterintuitive to start with, but I think we can do it. Focusing and un-focusing, then choosing simplicity in our actions, decisions and communications.

Actually, the goal is all about choosing the direct route between our heart and our smile to become a lighthouse for others in these rather dark times.

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