Distracted from what matters

Article #5/5 in the series on emotions

I could not decently conclude the series on emotions without addressing the attention economy, of which we are the pure products, and in particular through our emotions.

We know it well, it has become common in our society to want to play with our emotions.

And it works. Our emotions don’t know where to turn to with all the distractions around us. And the good news is that it brings us a lot of satisfaction. At least, sometimes.

We, who are so afraid of the void, we are desperate for distractions! And how grateful we should be to all who can liberate us from our biggest anxieties! Do you want me as a friend?

Well, friends do us good.

The key to our well-being lies in mastering the void, and in a better awareness of our real lacks, not the virtual ones.

For me this addiction to distraction is a way to avoid being vulnerable. At the same time, we have never been more unchaste, but have never hidden ourselves so much. And we do it, blindly confident behind what we would like to see as a virtual fog.


I who saw me as a replaceable pawn, I become without realizing it, a very very precious person. And the more unique, the better. Sheeps don’t emerge from the crowd.

Only, faced with this observation, I can perhaps do better than waste my time on content that is ultimately quite poor, entertaining, we might say and suggesting a comparison that will harm me more than anything.

And so I became interested in how our emotions, which ultimately lead us to these distractions, might instead act to keep me away from them:

  • Changing my place from manipulated to that of manipulator. And it was through imagination that once again I found the key. This is always the key to freedom. Setting myself a big goal to accomplish at the third floor of love and, imagine what the future would look like if I succeeded, to improve my decisions in the moment, and mainly, my next decisions. I am no longer an object, I am a subject. Master subject of my time and attention. And for that I have other tips.
  • What could be more wonderful than slowing down, taking a step back, resting, doing nothing, spending the day in silence even… When everything is accelerating around us, and especially when all these societies, everywhere are struggling so hard to capture a few seconds of our attention?
  • Placing a two-hour limit on all my social networks and messaging apps
  • Adopting habits that structure my day.
  • Organising spaces dedicated to rest and meditation.
  • Dedicated times for music and singing.
  • At least one challenge a day
  • Journaling for my emotions, deciphering them, in order to better control them.

Because, no, let me say that even with a bit of luck our busy mind will never give birth to any value.

So, let me invite here to stop “making the numbers”. To stop relying on tools, as accelerators or brakes, ultimately decrease our dependence to them. We don’t need all these notifications. We have to think people, trusted people. And look for the few super connectors inside and outside.

We have to choose a counter-intuitive path, as to the flow of disturbances, temptations to be more and do more explodes. This is the key to real strength.

Our energy will be more focused, and much less dispersed, to have impact where it really matters.

So today, disconnect and re-connect only when you know what you want to bring to that society. Then, put everything you are in that battle. Be worthwhile not worthless.

Photo by Poppy Thomas Hill on Pexels.com

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