Inclusive leaders for a happy world

Do not be fooled by the wrong leaders, those who encourage division, polarisation, or other forms of hatred.

Powerful leaders in chaotic times have the courage to choose love, inclusiveness, and nuance.

They understand the importance of thinking about long-term relationships, trust-building, and collaboration.

They see further, they understand complexity and, they apply dialectical thinking.

They are not corrupted, but holistic. They engage experts in broad conversations, and together they investigate the real causes of the problems to address them at the right level, and not superficially.

For example, they don’t rush to solutions knowing the risk of doing more harm than good.

They understand that some people are not healthy and need another approach, with compassion for their suffering but also acts of firmness in front of the bad behaviours (this may include ignorance, isolation, very specific sanctions to them not to their victims).

And in all cases, they are not busy, they step back, they reflect, they don’t take a position when they don’t know. Hence, they admit their mistakes and learn from them. We are in times of uncertainty, this requires a form of vulnerability and authenticity.

If you ask me what I think about our leaders today, I humbly believe we can do better. But we should not despair, and need to help them adapt, with empathy. They do not have an easy role, and let’s recognize that they are not well paid for it. I think they are like all of us victims of a dysfunctional system.

I learnt through my journey that it’s best to build on the good, than to destroy everything at the risk of losing it all, including what iss working.

And in my career, I understood our power as natural leaders. Instead of blaming and, judging, it’s time to be adopt a M&We mindset, to be constructive and approach each of our problems collaboratively. Love is always the right choice and fears the poor one.

You know, if I look at myself for instance, I know I am far from being perfect too. Therefore, in my journey to help as much as I can, I am eager to learn from you what I could improve.

In particular, to prepare the big launch of my training programme for natural leaders, for which I am sharing a few tests on my YouTube channel.

Please let me know your feedback to make it even more powerful! We could all benefit from this initiative one day.

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