Why Together-Ensemble

We must make the most of a global crisis to respond to the most pressing challenges. To breathe the wind for necessary change.

We know it, there is an urgent need to make the most of our individual and collective powers to turn the tide in less than three years (need expressed in the recent GIEC report).

It’s no longer time to think but to act. And what I found from my research is that doing it in the right direction won’t be a given!

The good news is that for many years, behind the scenes, I have been keen to invent the ways to make evolve our culture to embrace true collaboration which is the only way to accomplish the ambitious agenda.

You, my dear readers, I hope you are convinced by now!

And one of the tools to help us get there is Together-Ensemble.

It all started with this headline from a European newspaper: “The Vice-President of the European Investment Bank also said that projects which are likely to result in more CO2 emissions will not be offered financial support”.

Immediately after reading this article, I had this feeling that what we expect from our European institutions cannot be to continue to suffocate us.

On the contrary, the only way to have more impact in today’s context would be to be a force for change, for bigger dreams, for innovation, for good… It’s never too late to change the course of actions. And if we have the duty to protect people and the planet, we also have the duty to reposition the government institutions to make sure this agenda leads to success.

And it reminded me of the digital competence programme, which I conducted almost ten years ago. And at the time, most people in front of me had this attitude of “people are not stupid these social networks, it’s just a fad, it will not last”. And we know today how social media create influencers in our world, dictate who we should be voting for and spread a truth at a speed never observed.

In a way, these social media projected us into an ideal world of freedom, but for which we were not prepared.

And then there is also this story of collaboration, which is a recurring motto in our European institutions. But then again it seems more and more that when we have the opportunity to show how well we work together, our stakeholders and ultimate customers, the citizens, don’t share our enthusiasm for the way we do things here. Just look at the outputs to get convinced. Covid is still here, and the war in Ukraine too.

Collaboration is definitely not in our hands yet.

It’s a pity when we see the plethora of other crises that are amplifying, as we speak.

Yet, as we like to say in Together-Ensemble, no one is ever to blame, and we don’t like to sound critical, especially because again, these are not times for more thinking but for more actions.

If there is one thing that is certain for our future, it is that in 70 years we will no longer be together-ensemble if we continue with the same practices, drivers, and mindsets.

An urgent next step is to close the gap.

Let me tell you we should all be working much harder now to question truly our views on this world and what is needed as a response.

But we do not.

This is why Together-Ensemble is first and foremost a culture accelerator programme, part of the culture equation I wrote and which could well be unveiled soon.

We need to better understand what’s going on, the ideas on the table and have these conversations that aren’t happening anywhere else. We need to think about a new approach to drive change. Whether or not universal basic income is the social pillar we need for the green deal.

Churchill was saying “ never let a good crisis go to waste”. Allow me here to make a direct link to wastes and the need to reduce them. To look at ways to fight overconsumption for sufficiency, and to ensure that we do no longer support policies that go against a sustainable economy in our EU institutions.

And before you forget about me due to lack of sensationalism, remember that our 50 debates so far and the following ones may allow us to continue to enjoy planet Earth instead of having to leave it for Mars.

With Together-Ensemble, our main objective has been to spread the light, hope, and embrace collective intelligence as well as a culture of innovation and inclusiveness.

It is a long journey. In fact, it has not even started yet as we find way too many limitations on our path to make the best of its potential.

Maybe someone will help us be more ambitious?

That’s my hope, that our ideas here and there, backed up and amplified by more than 5,100 people who contributed to our journey, be not buried, but flourish on the contrary.

Together-Ensemble was just another step towards a global collaborative world. Now, what will you be doing to help me push the much-needed agenda and to continue the journey of change?

Photo by Nikolett Emmert on Pexels.com

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