#0 – Starting the Together-Ensemble fairy tale

Together-Ensemble saga for your eyes first – feel free to let me know your feedback!

Once upon a time, at the dawn of an unprecedented planetary emergency, on a corner of a round table…. Two knights of heart, began to host among the most precious conversations for Earth and its inhabitants.

Appointed by the Queen of the Great European lands, their story began back in May 2020, in the mist of a massive pandemic.

The first of a long series of crises that would upset most certainties, but our two characters were ready to fight.

The first, Obhi, a British national whose trauma was still very vivid. His compatriots had decided to distance themselves from Europe just a few months earlier.

The second, often called a Joan of Arc of the 21st century, was ready for any changes to instill the collaborative and caring culture needed. She was know as Miss Yammer, or more simply Julie.

Their story which you will find here published for the first time, had made the crowds spread all kinds of rumours.

But in my role of troubadour, let me now unveil all the most crusty parts for your eyes only of more than 50 informal conversations to make our world progress.

You will be able to read our key recommendations coming from our various series to:

  • Equip with the right skills, knowledge and values for a state of permacrisis;
  • Identify gaps for more caring and performing administrations;
  • Dream big for Europe and the world;
  • Update European policies to reflect the necessary changes.

You will also be able to meet with some of the best experts in the world in their various domains of expertise.

Ready to start? I hope so!

I will publish all my articles here and soon they will hopefully be stamped “official” in Medium.

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