Generation “Transition” at the turn

My generation is the smallest. It concerns those who were born between 1965 and 1979.

A period during which the birth rate has been lower.

The X generation has been sacrificed so far, so much so that it is sometimes called a “sandwich” generation.

Since we were born, it’s simple, it’s crisis after crisis.

We never had any hope of success.

Internships, fixed-term contracts, independent status, no one has ever rolled out the red carpet for us.

Besides, we lived everything. The hyper-ambitious assignments with a derisory salary and no resources, no support, not even guidance. Having to say yes to stupid rules. Holding roles that make no sense or even, hiding the corpses in the closet.

On top of this, we are the AIDS generation, so we haven’t had the chance to be carefree.

Our parents are “travel after travel”, and when by chance our children see their grandparents arrive, it is their calm that we favour.

We don’t really know what having money means, ownership is a real luxury that is not for everyone.

And when COVID-19 hit us, and our leaders imposed a lockdown, we kept mostly quiet. We managed everything at the same time, work, children, homeschooling,…

This generation is mine, Macron’s too apparently, but not only.

I have many friends who voted for Mélenchon for instance. They did this in silence.

And that’s probably why Emmanuel Macron has to be careful, especially if he does not look like us.

Because above all, make no mistake, this generation, mine, might be the one that will take power in the 2022 presidential election in France!

The existential crisis is over, we are ready to express our needs, and what we want is systems change.

For our children mainly, to prepare them for a better future…


In a few words, this song from the band “Les Bérurier Noir” basically says that “Youth annoys Le Pen & co”. I really hope this song will still work magic over the next 14 days.

Courage today should be about doing everything for a better life, not doing anything to have a worse.

And this is why we need to dedicate the next days to building real change, and not another even more harmful continuity.

So, Emmanuel Macron, in your position as a candidate, let me tell you if we have to vote for you again, this time, you have to listen to us very carefully. This vote will certainly not be given blindly.

We will have to sign a real contract of trust, and you will have to accept us as co-leaders of the future. A collective journey, the one you promised us 5 years ago, needs to start for good.

And this time without vaccination mandates or other markers from an ancient time. Time to embrace the real challenges with the right collaborative approach and leave great gifts behind. Time to mark history in a positive, and benevolent fashion.

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