Renewing energies

Renewing energies

(#14 of our Together-Ensemble series)

In a state of permacrisis, feeling low in energy is normal. Yet, we do not have to remain in that state. In this special workshop, we looked at ways to reenergize ourselves at an individual level, with a view to stimulate our collective energy as well.

The conversation was preceded by a training course on “Renewing our Energies” given by Julie Guégan. The main learnings are added to the recommendations coming from the workshop part.

This session of Together-Ensemble on 17 December 2020 allowed colleagues to reflect on these issues.

70 colleagues had registered for this session; of whom 35 attended.

  • The importance of healthy habits (new ones to complement yesterday’s article): Improve sleep thanks to more exercise and eating less. Going out to the nature. Music makes anyone happy. Sing, dance. Sport in the evening makes us sleep better, best time for exercising around 5/6 pm. Reading in the morning (to change our reality, it is very powerful to look for inspiration and beauty) : poetry, history and mindfulness type reading. I start and close the day with the three things I am grateful for at a given moment. Laughing yoga is super powerful. Laugh just 1 minute to change the energy, a good way to fake the brain. Lunch time of 2 hours – Put an out of office between 12:00-14:00. No alcohol for better sleep. Drawing. Not sleeping that much. Competition, not only exercising. Lunch time shopping. Outdoor at lunchtime preferably, as evening is dark. Cooking. Less work. Gratitude. Silence. Go outside for 30 minutes with my little son for a walk. Go running when the weather allows it. Yoga at home (straight after waking up, roughly 10-15 minutes – or at lunch time). Morning shower (with cold water). Do not stay still in front of the computer all the time (stand, move). Start the day by not touching the laptop and by doing a short walk (5-10 minutes) and then only start working. Doing things that motivate me / intrinsic motivation. Opt for a variety of tasks. Working 4/5 or part-time. First relax and then energise. Coffee smoothie with audio book. Adaptation is key. Why? The contrary is resistance which draws a considerable amount of energy. What are habits that make you resist? What resources do not help you to realise yourself? For instance, You can notice that in some areas you do not accept things as they are, you focus on what you cannot get or control, you try hard to make things your way when it is impossible. More than ever, when you can: Dance with the flow.
  • Connecting with others and meetings: Speaking to friends, have meaningful conversations. It’s all about the people, managers as well. only together we can feel motivated and inspired. Keeping social life is key. Organise and join meet-ups. Why not have every day at 11:45; a little plank challenge, lasts around 10 min max and get the chance to just chit chat quickly but at least see each other everyday. Solidarity gives energy. Trust, collegiality, interaction with other colleagues, helping and being appreciated, being part of a community knowing that you will contribute. In all cases, always keep connection.
  • Dreaming and rethinking (mostly fake) reality: It’s tiring to be in the same place most of the time, even if it’s home. same walls, same spaces, same energy again and again. Seeing the bright side of people. Watch inspiring videos when you stop believing in yourself. Work on your vibes. Nothing is all negative or positive. To be happy you need to have sadness. Just enjoy it. We complicate things but life is simple. Have a prospect or plan to get a positive perspective.
  • Increasing control and focus: So many things are out of our control now. Most of them in fact. So it’s even more important to increase sense of control whenever possible. Clear separation between work and personal life. Increase autonomy and responsibility. Create lists in the evening about things I want to do the day after – helps me to accept I did not finish everything and not be hard on myself. The current work environment undermines focus; so we need to discipline ourselves to increase it. For instance, I should not look at Skype, mails, Teams at the same time. Practice focusing on a thing or a thought. Increase focus – gymnastics of the brain. Develop an action mindset. Solve problems one by one. That is how we recognize great leaders. It is how you can display the best energy too. A powerful way to deal with negativity is to acknowledge it, recognize that everyone would feel the same way and think about a way you managed to overcome it in the past. If you managed to deal with it, you will deal with it again. Reassure yourself. Yes you can. And especially yes you can avoid to contribute to spread the negative virus around you. That you can control. Remember that what you put in your mind are the ingredients of your heart. So develop a mental immunity. Filter. The kind of words you pronounce to your ears will change everything. We transform through our ears more than our eyes. And we find back energy in a more powerful in this way too. Your brain is your friend. The body heals the mind. If you find yourself thinking too much, without purpose, say stop because this practice will lead you nowhere near any kind of healing.´ and again it represents a huge waste of energy Instead, make your body move. Set yourself a physical challenge and grow your strength and determination to heal. You will heal effectively step by step. And it’s also a great tactic to accept better who you are, which is necessary for authentic energy.

I will now start to report on a new series, part of Together-Ensemble whose purpose was to Dream big for Europe and the world. And the first session was with Emmanuelle Duez.

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