When times become tougher, do we need tough leaders?

When times become tougher, do we need tough leaders?

I’ve talked about this a number of times, most recently when discussing the need for soft power.

Yet, if you still have any doubt about the need to elect authoritarian leaders, let me tell you the opposite is actually what we need.

First, please read this article by Simon Tisdall on a review of a book ‘The age of the strong man’, shared by Professor Paul Gilbert.

He should alert you that in order to improve our democracies and become exceptional civilizations, we need healing.

And, when the times become tougher, we need everything but tough leaders.

In particular, we need from our leaders to stimulate compassion motivation strategies, instead of the low care, low empathy aggressive strategies.

Put in place the conditions for a true benevolent and collaborative culture, which will allow us to monopolize our individual and collective powers, to make this planet a real paradise for us and for those we love.

Our goal should be to unleash, as we wish, our entrepreneurial spirit, creativity and positive behaviours.

And what Professor Paul Gilbert is telling us is that by initiating a healing approach, through a wave of humanity, we will stimulate various brain systems that make us co-leaders, instead of the passive victims of leaders who would like to decide everything for us.

It’s high time for this wave of humanity to run the show. It will allow us to benefit from a psychologically safe environment to make our voices heard and act on the changes we collectively need.

It could be supported by inclusive and caring leaders, as well as the powerful tools of liquid democracy. But if you’re not convinced, don’t worry, I have plenty of ideas to make my point more and more clear.

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