Dream big with Yenny Gorce and Faryda Hussein

Dream big with Yenny Gorce and Faryda Hussein

(#20 of our Together-Ensemble series)

This time, we invited Yenny Gorce and Faryda Hussein to a debate on diversity and inclusion, in the form of an invitation to make the best use of our our empathy to understand each other struggles better, putting ourselves in the shoes of others. and in this way seeing us a equals in our common will to belong to this society and planet.

Fitting in to belong is the wrong strategy, the one which leads to unhappiness. In fact, appreciating our difference and our uniqueness is the key to a fulfilling life.

With this session, we invited participants to explore their own stories with diversity. And how much we are ready to appreciate when it is there, already in the room.

As a collaboration expert, I know the power of diversity, so precious to inject new energies in a project that is now taking off.. But there is more than this in diversity too, you know as the news and our context show we are in a world where the bourgeois are afraid of the strangers, afraid of losing their comfort, and not able to see beauty in our diversity and for me this is a warning that our system is dying and we need to make space for the new.


In this session, we invited Yenny Gorce, director of the Association «Vivre et Travailler Autrement» and “Autism can work”, author of «Facile! Petit guide pratique pour réussir l’inclusion en entreprise» and Faryda Hussein, national expert in DG EMPL – European Commission.


This talk inspired about 110 colleagues (among the 160 registered) to identify solutions to some current complex problems. More ideas in the video above.

  • Create safe spaces that enable reporting and consultation – EU Laws being implemented as they are intended on a societal level.
  • Widespread recognition that Europeans, and by extension EU officials, are not only white. Strengthening sense of togetherness. Diversity and inclusion in practice. How to make it real in EU institutions? Interest in fighting for inclusiveness, equal rights & diversity. Representativeness is key, so younger generation from foreign origins can see that achieving dreams is possible and they are allowed to have ambitions, giving them hope in chaotic times.
  • The EU at least should have harmonized rules. Otherwise it will not work. We are regressing…How the Institutions “walk the walk”. We are the enablers. Facilitating career opportunities, esp. for minorities.
  • Have more regular online talks and discussions about how to be more inclusive at work and
    society. Dreaming and wishing to shape the change. And how to be more inclusive at work and society. Maybe twice per 3 months. Using a back to school approach to reach out target population
  • Value differences and mutual respect – When all differences are normalised and valued! Need EU role models. Eg why not Commissioner from a ‘minority’ group? Opportunity maybe anonymously for people to share about actions and behaviours that make people feel like they are ‘other’. Build the case for diversity to avoid a backlash from the majority.
  • Learn history fully (eg 500 years of slavery history is missing) so we can learn where we shouldn’t go again. Where our children do not deem a particular skin colour or hair type to be superior to another?
  • Open a specific scheme in the traineeship programme for people from minorities and lower income. Because of the selection criteria, we end up having trainees that are all from the same background (usually privileged) with the same mindset. They are brilliant but not diverse. Let’s invite everyone to the “party” to be able to “dance”.

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Next report from our session with Cécil Schmitt! I will cover adult development among other fascinating topics.

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