Lack of power is mostly the fruit of the spirit. We can do better.

Throughout my life, I have had the chance to meet exceptional people. People who really dazzled me with their courage, their uniqueness and their creativity. I am so in awe of people who have gone all the way.

I’ve told you this before, but I can really sit for hours watching other people express themselves. Seek to understand what they want to hide.

You know some say that children will take what you hide from them. So I hide many treasures for my sons to recover them. I think all parents could do that too.

But the subject is power. This thing, that we should NEVER hide, and could show so much more, in times of planetary emergency.

How do you recognize someone who is not comfortable with power?

  • Those who miss it and don’t want others to notice. They are often recognized by their attitude, that is to play the arrogant. Dominant personalities often hide an inferiority complex.
  • Those who are scared this would lead them to a form of authentic love, which could one day be felt as pain, even as suffering by those who are not careful enough. They could say things such as “I’d better be protective than going back there.” or, “I’d better set up a wall at the risk of losing my peace”. They are often hidden behind a screen, their fiches, some extra-weight or, plenty of make up.

But, protective to love, no one can really be, I understood. At least, without losing power at the same time.

And this is perhaps the reason why, even at the top of the largest organisations, where you expect people to abuse their power, I heard people complain they did not have any.

In particular, I saw all their helplessness to even change anything.

But, there’s a way out and, here is the result of this quest to try to understand what brought them to this situation:

  • I understood that our mind likes to play tricks on us, and in particular it does it with power and love for the caring individuals. When they adopt a protective mindset against love, they also adopt a protective mindset against their power. So to get their power back, all caring individuals need to stop hiding behind a screen, whatever screen, and to be vulnerable to love on the contrary. That’s the way to get to see power at least. And I recommend that caring individuals master their emotions if they are afraid to suffer, this will definitely be more productive (you will find a whole dedicated series on this blog). Bringing universal love back is possible everywhere, including in the workplace. And this should really be a priority to focus on relationships, in chaotic times. Everyday without love is a step towards more fears and more destruction. But it’s not easy to embrace both power and love, and for this people need to get trained, understand the rationale and ready to make efforts. Motivation strategy first extrinsic then progressively intrinsic. With the right strategy, behaviours can be changed fast.
  • There is another explanation that concerns everyone and it is related to my own definition of performance, which is “power in collective becoming”. What good is a successful individual if others cannot benefit from that success? For me, you can only feel your power when there is an impact on the collective and it’s easy to observe this impact. So, yes, we all have some form of power, but it can only become “real power” if there is a sense of collectiveness attached to it. And for me it needs to be visible, which is something hard to have in very hierarchical organisations, or in a very crowded place like our internet. So make power visible. This is what you want for any movement to take off. Remove the barriers one by one. Make it easy for anyone to see the new expected behaviours.

And, I or leaders or anyone can “shape power” in any system. And by doing well, the beauty is that anyone can unwind a chain of good.

I can even be the mirror that will precipitate others into my positive and benevolent fall. Everything is possible as long as you understand how power works at its best.

And soon, I will unveil my collaboration equation, or leaderful equation, or perhaps I need to find a better name… But soon, let’s say I have a little surprise for my dear readers.

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