The courage to collaborate

The courage to collaborate

As much as I can have fun with my image, when I talk about collaboration, leadership or a global movement for love, I do not conceive a single second of cheating.

I have this big need for authenticity.

It’s a quest for the truth that I started a long time ago, and I’m not trying to fight it.

.So when I hear one of our leaders talk about the need for collaboration to solve the climate crisis.

First of all, I’m super happy. This is my passion. Everything around me and within me has to be in some way collaborative.

But, then, I remember that when leaders don’t know how to solve a complex problem, the way to solve it necessarily involves collaboration.

Turns out it’s often true. But does this mean that they don’t have to do anything in particular after that?

Because I can tell you, from where I seat, no one seems to prepare the right conditions for global collaboration to work.

Sometimes it even feels like collaboration is an utopia, and so we don’t give it the care it deserves.

As if we didn’t need to put anything in place for the magic to work.

A bit like my European dream, which is dying in a corner of this blog (but not in my head and heart, I can tell!)

Well, actually, if mega challenges do require collaboration; accountability and excellence from all actors, from the bottom to the top, will go hand in hand. As well as humility.

No one will do the work for us. We all need to become natural leaders.

By the way, I made a little video about the main competencies a global collaboration journey will require from all of us.

Tick Tock Tick Tock, we have less than three years to make our planet livable.

Tell me, are we already setting the conditions for global collaboration? Who is looking after the global movement we need? I would like to know. BECAUSE I WANT TO CONTRIBUTE AS MUCH AS I CAN. (If you missed the news :-))

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