When will global collaboration start?

When will global collaboration start?

I feel the need to reiterate my call. I wonder what the world is waiting for.

We are now entering, thanks to the marvelous strategy of cooperation on Ukraine as well as perhaps other (too fast?) decisions, the critical phase of the energy crisis.

So here we are. In a few months, we know there will be a shortage.

It’s not a prediction, it’s an anticipation.

But now, my dear reader: do you know what’s been missing all these years?

Global collaboration!

And I remind you that it is not the activity consisting of:

  • Having people watch politics like football matches;
  • Waking up every 5 years or so to put a piece of paper on someone you don’t know, and sometimes without any benevolent vision*;
  • While a handful of so-called elected leaders (this is not always the case) decide for us all about our future, our way of life, what we eat, how we eat, when we work, how long or at what time,… Remember we are so busy, they can do almost what they want, even if the rules of the game do not make any sense in times of planetary emergency.

And the question is: are we putting in place the conditions for smarter alternatives to work?

I mean genuine collaboration between peoples and leaders, managers, facilitators, healers and everyone willing to join the dance, and take responsibility!

Because I said it recently, it’s very easy to destroy, much more difficult to build.

And, let me tell you: I am asking a very simple question. And I am no one to give any lesson.

No blabla. I am just talking about the only way to seriously address this crisis as well as the other ones which I enumerated a number of times on this blog.

And no, at the risk of disappointing you, this question does not come from a radical.

That would be far too simple as an answer.

Because, I repeat, I could not vote for Mélenchon or, Le Pen.

They do not have most of the skills, I identified as critical for global collaboration to work.

Nuance is what I’m looking for. As well as inclusivity and performance, if you have any doubt about my vision, it’s everywhere on this blog.

And to give you an idea of what I think we need, here is a little video for a movement to create natural leaders everywhere – the exceptional civilisation I am confident we are, somewhere deep within us. We just need to forget our protective mindset as we saw in a recent article.

Little extra tip: it’s all about the intention, if you like to play golf (well in my case mini-golf…), you know this is key to win along with posture! Perhaps I could start a new series around sports, and the critical skills we can learn from each of them for our collaborative journey – say yes, if you want and I will be happy to do it.

*And for those who organise and/or attend demonstrations on a regular basis, this is already much better of course. But I think that today this practice is at the mercy of those keen for hubris and pain. We could definitely choose more effective tools to not only express our dissatisfaction but to really contribute, to propose concrete solutions, to defend the voiceless, in fine being innovative and entrepreneurial. These are amazing times to show all our creativity and talents! And that’s indeed the great thing with collaboration, everyone will have a key role to play. No one is ignorant in nature and we all have an expertise to share.

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