The uncaring effect of complacency

The uncaring effect of complacency

Since yesterday I have been in bed with a good fever, and maybe I finally have COVID. I was so far the only one I believe around me to avoid it.

The advantage of having it is that I wouldn’t have to do the third mandatory booster to be able to return to France…

I made a short video a year ago on the possible causes of the installation of a dictatorship and I find that unlike all those who loudly claim democracy, it is doing very badly. I am not saying that we are in a dictatorship, not at all, but everything indicates that we must do a lot today to make democracy evolve.

Most decisions that are made seem to go in the direction of more control and less and less freedom, while increasing injustices. In a future article, I will explain myself more.

But, for now, I will focus on this headline, which for me is the cause of indifferent decisions, such as compulsory vaccines. Although we have all the evidence that COVID vaccines have harmed many people, including myself.

Complacency leading to an uncaring world…

As you know a few months ago now, I launched a lobbying campaign mainly dedicated to the European institutions in order to launch a global movement towards more care, solidarity.

In short, something totally disruptive that is called “love”.

After 150 articles and a few test videos, I have come to the conclusion, that my campaign does not find enough support internally, despite the urgent need for it.

The world has never been so upside down from my point of view. I see my friends exhausting themselves one after the other. While at a hundreds kilometers away, children continue to die, for causes that I do not even understand.

And in most places around the world, single women and men seem to gain the status of “victims” after our youth.

For two years, single parents, in particular, have done everything to protect children, while doing their best to keep their full-time jobs. But we have to accept our reality, the situation has become difficult.

With the prices rising, at 43, despite a good career, I have never felt poorer, and I already fear that I will not be able to pay my bills, if inflation continues.

And, my point is to say that we could solve this problem. If complacency did not flourish at the top, and adopt instead a real caring culture everywhere.

“A feeling of quiet pleasure or security, often while unaware of some potential danger, defect, or the like”, translated in terms of behaviours in listening mostly to those who validate our ideas. Hence, seeking to please people in positions of authority and power, who usually have a rather conservative view, reflecting the results of popular votes in Europe.

And so, even in light of all the crises, all the silent transformations which emerged with the COVID-19 crisis, and all this huge project of transitions to be carried out that I shared on this blog…. Too little, in my view is moving and most of all, I am concerned nothing much will.

And the perverse effect of this complacency is management by fear, and lack of attention.

A crying lack of care that I observe this time at all levels of our society. Many people do not want to hear from leaders, and many leaders do not want to hear from people.

And, because I see that things are not really getting in the right direction, I have finally decided to end my mission with the European Commission.

I have to accept that too few there seem to support the very ambitious new Dream and, I need to mobilise all my energy now to push it seriously, in order to increase impact.

My purpose will be to put it to the benefit of those who would like to support a genuine move. This is why, over the next few weeks, I will prepare a communication kit to clarify my vision, and share it with many people who contacted me to offer their support.

There is no other choice than to really make the changes we need, and to adopt the tools for fruitful global collaboration.

The only way to unleash a collective sense of responsibility, and the necessary behaviours that will lead us to more peace, courage and ultimately love.

I know I am making the right choice. And I count on you to understand my decision, which has been quite difficult to make after so many years of passion for this place.

The idea of ​​the movement is not dead, far from it, it’s just waiting until someone picks it up and wants to finance it.

With this article, I am announcing a new beginning. My wish is to continue to care for you, but in a more powerful way, which does not involve the energy-intensive fight against complacency, that results in a mostly indifferent humanity.

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