What if?

What if?

My European dream was the most pragmatic project of our time.

What if?

Utopia was to get stuck with a structure that prevents.

What if?

It was time to face our illusions, our biases, our ingrained habits, our beliefs, our fears.

What if?

I was about to turn 150 articles into a concrete business plan to gain support for ideas that I believe in more than ever.

What if?

The context had never been so favourable for a change that really made sense.

What if?

You were following me on this adventure, because you believe that together everything is possible.

What if?

I was taking you on one of the most beautiful love stories of your life.

Well then, what are we waiting for to start?

On May 1, the real adventure begins! I count on you. Now is not the time to let go of your hope and faith for Europe and the world.

We will climb this mountain step by step, with lots of love and fun, I promise. And I will exclude no one from this adventure.

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