Would you like to get rich like Bill?

Would you like to get rich like Bill?

In this article, I highlight the main lessons I have learnt from my analysis of the proximity between certain actors in our economy and our institutions, and the far from diabolical reasons that this hides from us.

We are all humans, with good intentions. I think we can mostly agree with that. At least, we are able to forgive.

And, basically, our leaders are just a reflection of our own weaknesses. And if today, we have become a very fearful society, it is the same for our rulers.

So the ultra-billionaires like Bill Gates have a certain impact on our policies.

But, it’s mainly because they figured out how to sell their projects, in a conscientious way. They understood our flaws.

And for instance, the “Microsoft” technique is to put everything on security! And it works. Everyone wants more security in chaotic times.

So, you are keen to become rich like Bill Gates?! Then, apply the following techniques:

  • Let’s say you want to gain market share on Microsoft?! Increase the security of your web services.
  • You want to earn a lot of money in COVID times?! Invest massively into the vaccines that provide a sense of well-deserved security after months of lockdown!
  • You think there is cash to make in planetary emergency times?! Well, it’s the same. Time to get on it, financial markets love that you want to “save the planet”. It’s another path to increase the safety of our humanity.
  • And for Ukraine? It would be even more politically incorrect (although I am very concerned, that some make a lot of money out of our fears and the extinction of certain species…), to mention the case of Ukraine, and share my thoughts about why this war, and why so many casualties, so let me stop there. Feel free to have a look at my previous articles on the topic.

And, please do not misinterpret me my dear readers, I would never question the planetary emergency, which is very real. We consume three times more resources every day than we produce. But let’s face it, we don’t need to fall into all the traps.

We can use our critical thinking, and in particular, we do not have to accept the management by fear, that is well orchestrated by those who understood where our current culture led us.

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that the sense of security can only come from you, and not from any external source.

That’s why, you should also avoid the pitfalls set by some in the personal development community or, in politics, that are selling you strategies to be more protective and fearful of love.

No, I tell you, no form of escape will make you happy. On the contrary, from my research, it will make you more sad, less worthy, especially in times when we need the most of each human being to reverse the trend.

So, go heal yourself with animals, and in nature, most of us are a bit disturbed at the moment. But do not worry, the reason for this feeling of confusion is just the result of a well-crafted marketing technique.

And for the planetary emergency, count on my passion for this planet, I will continue to share many tools and reflections we can use to sincerely and collectively heal the world. No blabla. And no increased injustice. We can do better.

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