World: Do we love well enough?

World: Do we love well enough?

(2/5 of the “love” series)

So much has been written on the subject of love, and we have poured out so much, that I almost became allergic to it. It has become the word to avoid, few know how to talk about it from the heart.

What is love? This simple word has become a diversion. When you don’t know what to do.

It’s a pity when you know that love is the common purpose of all, and the only one that counts.

How do you easily make a distinction between poor and true love?

Is love about pouring oneself, one’s feelings, and emotions onto others? Is love so overwhelming that it leaves little energy for the rest?

Is love thriving in a world of attention, and limits? Or anarchy and distractions?

Fortunately, I think that’s true love I am seeking today since in its name I proclaimed loud and clear that Europe had its limits and that for it I had to leave her.

I make the space for love to flourish. I do not impose myself and my ideas.

But from the background, I will remind you of what counts, and provide you with a map that could well guide you.

To better love you, I leave you…

For true love, you have to know how to get rid of what is no longer essential. It is to seek to declutter, to favour the relationship. And in its name, bring together the conditions that will preserve it.

We should never be fearful to lose love. If we do, then it is proof that was not…

Love can hurt, it’s inevitable. One day, it is written, that one of the protagonists would leave.

But as always in life, it is you with the keys not to suffer.

Suffering remains a choice, linked to something we don’t want to let go of.

So it’s always a form of resistance.

And in the case of Europe, we know what this resistance encompasses.

A fear of not being able to do any better. Of lacking innovation and insight, given our context. If the desire to break free is there, to fly with one’s own wings, something keeps us on the ground, like a habit.

No one will ever change in her core, only you can form new habits. And in this article, that’s what I want to focus on.

I dreamt of a Europe that took care of the habit of loving, in each of its decision and dimension:

  • Ask the question of our alignment with ourselves and our values, which will be the proof of our love for ourselves and, of our aptitude to love others, through them.
  • Ask ourselves everyday: Do we love each other enough? Can we love even more? And if so, how? Loving is recognising everyone’s value, do we?!
  • What are the individual and collective habits we need to put in place, to inspire true love and care when it has become everywhere mainly cheap and vulgar?
  • What are the ones to abandon to unleash the necessary energy?
  • And, more than gentle blabla, what will be seen as acts of love by the next generations?

Obviously, that’s another checklist, but it leads us to what really counts, and to avoid an opposite reaction of hatred from our stakeholders and citizens.

I am convinced that these questions will set the conditions for the diamond to truly shine, from all its facets and block none.

So, do not underestimate the importance of this focus, when we know that only love can move mountains. And it is truly mountains that we need to move at the moment…Unless you seriously want to live on another planet?!

We have never feared and needed love so much. So, tomorrow I will talk about how to concretely make love flourish on the third floor, as the basis for my business plan.

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