Success is luck, talent and cash

Success is luck, talent and cash

(3/5 of the love series)

Success is subjective. For example: for two years I have heard a lot of success everywhere. And few are those who would question the slightest decision. It is not well seen to go against the tide. It’s not well seen either to have ambition for this world since as you can see with me, in this affair, I would still have lost everything.

Everything, except one irreducible… the proud gaze that I get tonight by my children, because they know that nothing can compromise their mother. Nothing.

And, for 17 years, I know I have not chosen the sexiest fight, but I hope many of you will still see how essential it has been.

In particular, now that in front of you, I can present my programme today and the reason why I ask for your support.

It’s not very complicated, I explained it in many articles, in a transparent way: without a caring programme of such magnitude, we will continue the self-destruction of humanity.

The course can’t be clearer. Stability and sustainability can only come from the group that will support my vision. Me, alone, I can’t do much, I have my diva limits, I have to pay my bills.

And so your support is an essential contribution to an ambitious culture change. The only way to achieve our main civilisation’s agenda. It will comprise:

  • Defining a narrative for change & framework – Setting up a “culture” book for an exceptional civilisation, the roadmap towards true global collaboration. 200 articles on this blog to serve as the basis for this work.
  • Development of a training toolkit (conversations that make our humanity move forward as an exceptional civilisation based on Together-Ensemble, systems thinking workshops based on the uLab approach, coaching, training package to equip with co-leadership skills (some examples on my YouTube channel), role model training (wave of humanity) and discovery of other tools, such as EU Field Guide).
  • Coordination of a community of change agents worldwide to support and amplify their key messages, as well as ensuring cross-fertilisation. Partnership to be set up with Facebook / Twitter for mainstream communities called “citizens of the world”.

And I will put three plans:

  • The genuine love package: That’s the only serious one, since we realize that our system has become slightly perverse (leading to opposite results) and that we have to change it. It requires realizing that without a wave of humanity, the goal of which is to bring love (the real one!) and care everywhere, we won’t succeed in pursuing the essential transitions. It’s daring, but only that can work. No matter how much you meditate, the world will not get better on its own. 9,99 euros per month, and I can assure you that in a few months time, we won’t even know what fear is anymore. “Time is not everything” summarizes this last plan. But the good thing is that I anticipated the needs ten years ago, so by listening to me and other change agents carefully, you may well shine again soon!
  • The fair love package: We go down in rank, but overall wrong approach, we miss the target. We continue to bring down the problems one by one, in linear thought mode except that we want to do more to fight injustices, and therefore we amplify them. But who cares in an uncaring culture? As long as we can pretend that love is everywhere. For 1,99 euros per month, I can give you a hint on how to make the best of the EU labyrinth, which has nothing complex, contrary to our mega challenges. But, according to a Chinese proverb, “When a wise man points at the moon, the fools looks at this finger”. That summarizes pretty well the fair love package. You may feel like a superior human-being today, but the next generations will probably disagree with that. Why wait a few decades for their sentence? When we could upgrade now…
  • The cheap love plan: It’s the status quo today, business as usual. Why change anything when everything is a success anyway. Even our media approve. For 0,99 cents per month, I can also tell you why everything is a cooperation success, and make a few media appearances to say why change is everything but a good idea. “What we need is the comfort of what we know” summarizes pretty well the purpose of this first plan. With it you will feel equally smart and powerful but on paper you won’t achieve much.

I continue to tease you a bit until you realise that my vision is the only one that works, far from unproductive politics, and at the same time pragmatic and meaningful.

Today my point is also to tell you that I will find the right tool for the subscription model, and I will finalize this business plan to clarify everything for you.

Let me know if you want to join the party in the coming weeks, and I will add you to the mailing list: My purpose is to unveil not only the detailed plan but also who has been supporting me in the behind-the-scenes so far. It’s a funny journey, in which we are! And I hope we will enjoy building everything, the way it needs to be done for the times we are in.

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