We are gonna rock this world!

We are gonna rock this world!

I have surprised myself lately getting excited about the presidential campaign in France, yet God knows how boring, almost depressing, it has been.

None of the candidates had a real vision for France, and even less for the world. When we know the extent of the problems we are going to have to face, it is slightly annoying.

Because we can imagine the loss of energy and money devoted to this political world, which will ultimately only have a negative impact on our planet.

I am a little brutal in my words but since my birth, I have learnt to doubt the ability of our leadership to get us out of the mess in which, it turns out, I find myself more and more.

I even wonder sometimes if there is any pilot in this plane…

And I do not know about you and your ideas, but I continue to be greatly ignored by the giants and the powerful. It’s a shame. I think I have a lot of qualities to offer.

In fact, you should know that I started this whole journey ten years ago, because I had developed this deep conviction that “when no one cares about you and your ideas, you can do whatever you want! Even thinking about changing the world, as well as the rules of the game, and that’s what about I’m about to do”.

Maybe some see in me, a kind of naive flower girl, revival of the hippie movement. No, not really me, no.

Don’t be fooled by appearances. As I read love poems to you, every day I was plagued by death threats directed at me and my children. And some of you know my life, have read my articles in particular in Al Bayane, and know well the formidable strength that I possess. Nothing can resist me, not even the European Commission 🙂

If the world is walking on its head, if we continue to destroy people and species without fear of the consequences on ourselves, while we see our interdependence every day.

If we continue to devote most of our resources to enriching some. So, let’s not complain about the resulting growing injustices.

We can do better, we can come together and rock this world for good, without hubris and pain. I want most of our faces, graved in the rocks and I’m going to set up a way to coordinate all of this.

But I told you, I won’t do anything without you. I will do nothing because alone I am nothing. Only through a collaborative attitude and real care for this world can we save us all.

And with my strength, perseverance, knowledge, tools, and the conviction that global collaboration is the solution, yes you can count on me. And do you miss my videos?

That’s good because I’ll start them again this week. Forza!

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