Grrr… The fear of emancipation

Grrr… The fear of emancipation

I’m having many conversations right now with people around the world and it’s wonderful to feel so aligned, in particular with the silent majority which we do not hear so much usually.

We hear extreme bells ringing, but there is much less nuanced discourse on a reality that is nevertheless shared and should be seriously addressed.

And the reality is this: If there is more awareness of the issues linked to a world that seems to walk on its head, there is clearly no real action yet.

As a result, we globally expect all levels of love to hit the wall soon. Every decision seems to rush us so well.

When each action seems to amplify the problems instead of solving them, then not only do people start to lose patience, but on top of this, they might decide to stop being interested in the good actions.

And that should worry us…

In fact, the wall is for instance the state of dictatorship, I talked about in a very short video a little over a year ago now.

A state that our global leaders will not be able to avoid unless the conditions for global collaboration are in place.

Why? The challenges will be of such magnitude that there will be no choice but to impose behaviours on everyone, unfortunately.

We had a glimpse of such an experience with the COVID crisis. In this context, even the most collaborative leader struggles, if she is alone to show humility, critical thinking, accountability, or conscientiousness (among the skills needed for all coleaders).

Little by little, the situation will become more pressing and our leaders may wake up and seek help on how to leverage a movement toward global collaboration (for which I identified exactly what was needed to equip the majority of us already now).

Yet, just let’s face it, when everyone will wake up, it will be too late to take serious action. And I can only regret this.

In the meantime, we still need to learn, and I am keen to provoke your reflection in that sense.

So, let me talk to you today about the fear of emancipation that affects many of us, and our organisations, and the two fears that this hides: the fear of disappointing those we love, and the fear of insecurity to create our own rules.

Firstly the fear of disappointing those we love.

Loyalty is rooted in us as a fundamental value. We respect our ancestors, and where we come from. And it’s wonderful.

Only, when our system becomes almost perverse, in the sense that each decision produces an opposite effect; when transitions are not made to ensure a more benevolent course of action; well, the solution is to change the focus. In particular, the focus should be on ourselves, instead of those we want to please and honour.

This would mean taking actions that feel right for us, and having confidence in our ability to make the changes that are needed, among many other meaningful actions.

Obviously, it’s time for generation X or transition to leave its state of agony and worry about changing the rules in a collaborative fashion. In fact, it is a fear of (self-) love that we are expressing here. And instead of freezing, escaping, or fighting, let’s be ready to co-create.

Second, the fear of insecurity, linked to the fear of losing comfort.

The problem is that we are and feel wrong but we continue. We have adopted habits, yet it seems so dangerous to us to question them.

However, we have no choice! We need to reinvent our own world, and despite the small discomfort of navigating in uncertainty.

What’s the point of working 8 hours a day if it’s to destroy? Why consume more and more? What good is the culture of competition and mass-individualisation, when the system is interdependent and each more person who is vulnerable makes the whole system more vulnerable?

The great Professor Feynman told us:

“It is in the admission of ignorance and the admission of uncertainty that there is a hope for the continuous motion of human beings in some direction that doesn’t get confined, permanently blocked, as it has so many times before in various periods in the history of man.”

So tell me what are we waiting for to emancipate ourselves truly and reinvent the rules of the different games: economics, education, mobility, world of work, democracy, health… and all the transitions we need, as explained everywhere on this blog. Perhaps, it will provide some discomfort at first, but together we can! Hence, it is the only way to address the planetary emergency…

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