The Art of Collaboration workshop

The Art of Collaboration workshop

(2/5 of the series to equip sensemakers and co-leaders)

“The incredulity of mankind, who do not truly believe in anything new until they have had actual experience of it.” Niccolo Machiavelli

How do we prepare people to the collective missions they will have to colead?

How do we encourage people to grow out of their comfort zone to embrace distributed leadership and collaboration?

At the European Commission, I have designed a powerful 3-hour workshop called the Art of Collaboration, which can be used by any team or group to develop their competencies in a safe and fun, yet challenging environment.

The rationale for it: If collaboration responds to an individual impulse to contribute and co-create, it is not guaranteed to make it work in the long term.

In fact, from my research, I have identified that any collaborative work involves many risks. Surprises about the characters, and in particular sense of adaptation and resilience of the team members may be good or bad, and we should not underestimate the impact of this journey of discovery on workload, team morale, or quality of the outcomes if poorly led…

In fact, those who recognize the difficulty of collaboration are those who, in one form or another, have experienced it.

And that’s why, from my experience, collaboration should never be improvised.

Putting people in the difficult experience of collaboration without any preparation may lead to impossible conflicts, waste of time and energy, break the trust, and ultimately failure of what initially was a very beautiful vision.

It’s crucial to accompany any collaborator through a pivotal experience, by limiting the potential damages.

And that’s the main objective of this game. Thanks to it, it becomes easy to raise the conscientiousness of any group on the competency gaps they will have to fill at the individual and collective levels, before starting any real collaboration and ensure the shift towards a sustainable sense of inclusiveness and belonging.

As challenges emerge along the way, and with the particular design of the Art of Collaboration workshop, making the most of sensemaking skills, people can be better coached to address them later on in real-life scenarios.

It’s an invitation to pursue a growth mindset, and begin a powerful journey of conscientiousness, both ingredients of a successful collaborative journey, for example…

Win-win for everyone! No need for exhaustion, just fun, positive energy, great learning, and an amazing opportunity to strengthen the bonds while increasing self-awareness. This game draws parts of its inspiration from the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method.

The Art of Collaboration workshop is one of our most popular workshops! Participants love it and see it as a real game-changing experience, that opens their paths to new more fulfilling practices, in their professional as well as personal lives. Feel free to contact me if interested to discover it at @gueg1

“The key to transformation is not cognitive insight, but visceral experience. We feel transformation in our bodies.” From Rock the Boat: How to Use Conflict to Heal and Deepen Your Relationship by Resmaa Menakem MSW LICSW

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