An emergent clarity

An emergent clarity

I have dedicated my life to staying as much as possible behind the scenes. From a young age, I understood that being visible presented its share of risks. Exposing myself was in my view rather uncomfortable. It was both an essential life lesson and a cultural heritage.

I am also a fan of Pierre Desproges, whose key motto was “to live happily, live hidden”.

And so my path so far has consisted of moving from the visible to the invisible and vice versa.

But when you have a project like mine, it’s obvious that getting out of oneself is part of the game. I have to expose myself a little more every day, to almost bare myself.

Little by little, the path toward clarity opens, and in each of my conversations, I find myself allowed to emerge my vision.

Despite my best efforts, though, you have to know it is a battle. I am doing all I can and I hope you will be patient. One day, everything will be easy.

Already the fact that I left the European Commission, I can better welcome my critical thoughts and express myself without chains. I love this organisation so much and its people I would not want to hurt anyone. And honestly, I could not feel more grateful for all the blessings and love I keep receiving from them.

But I am committed to making things change. I have to provoke the need for a brutal awakening, that’s part of the game. Otherwise, how could I be more ambitious about the European project, that is very dear to my heart?

So step by step, I climb the mountain of my dream, feeling more and more comfortable unveiling my whole agenda with you. And if there was something of some intimacy so far with this blog, know that I am also working on this.

And I will continue to improve my past articles, which clearly had some vagueness because I was probably still afraid to expose who I was deep down. Someone out of the mainstream. A sheep that has freed itself from the herd.

So, please, keep trying to understand and read between the lines, I promise you my need for some kind of confusion won’t last long!

And perhaps, the little issue of confusion hides something more important: the mountain is too big for me alone, time to join our efforts! Time for the movement to take off. I will soon invite you for the first conversation.

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