On the Brink of Transformation

On the Brink of Transformation

(3/5 of the series to equip sensemakers and co-leaders)

If you read me almost by accident, know that my aim is to equip all change leaders with the essential lessons I gathered over the years.

It’s clear to me that there have never been better times to reinvent everything. And my commitment is to support all those who would be keen to play a role.

But let’s come back to this particular initiative.

You won’t be surprised, I guess, to read that over the past months, my aim has been mostly to prepare for the collective journey ahead. On this blog and on YouTube, in particular, I have tested a few things with a view to refining the plan and getting ready when I will be inviting more people to join.

Thanks to all who had to play the game with me. For me, your contribution has been essential to deepen my learning with a view to offering an even better experience.

I think I really stretched some of you, and that’s good! It was time to leave our comfort zone for a while…

Sometimes, to be honest, I would like things to happen quicker, but I know in such a context, I am the one with a problem to solve. In particular, I am the one who fell into the trap of the post-industrial era’s mindset which pushes me into busyness, guilt, and all the rest.

In fact, the kinds of traps we will explore with the game I am offering right now.

Because I can tell you I am more motivated and committed than ever to launch the whole movement idea. But I want to do it well, and with the right context and conditions…

So, today, let’s play! But also, let’s agree on a few principles…

First, a journey of transformation cannot be serious if the goal is not absolutely crazy by the size of its ambition. And my journey is in that sense no different.

Now I am inviting you to live it for real!

Why “On the Brink of Transformation?”

Based on my experience and research over the past few years as a change leader for the European Commission, I have gathered many lessons for you, and in particular, I have understood that in our journey towards transformation, there are many episodes where we find ourselves on the edge of.

Whether we choose one way or another, the result will be very different. In fact, it’s never a straight line, and that’s why we have to take a totally different approach, with a focus on the collective vision. In this game, my goal is to invite you to join me in a fantastic adventure of individual and collective growth, during which you will experience the three floors of love!

The game is not yet available on the market, but I have a strong belief in its potential, and I hope you do too since it could well play a key role in our journey. In this article, I want you to get a first glimpse at what it could do for us. It’s the first encounter, tomorrow I will continue.

“On the Brink of Transformation” is presented as a board game for 2 to 10 players. With it, the idea is to invite friends, colleagues, and/or family members on an individual and collective journey of transformation.

Obviously, it could also be available as a virtual game.

Some core principles: “To change the world, change yourself”; “From our individual fights to the commitment to a collective vision”; “Impetus for change is inside/out but change happens from outside/in”; “It’s all in your head”, and “Collaboration and distributed leadership in all their forms”.

Main values explored: Respect, belonging, M/WE mindset, power forming (my famous definition of performance), integrity, and wellbeing.

Some of the skills that you will learn: are compassion, critical thinking, collaboration, networking, and managing uncertainty, trust-building,…

The path: Setting up the conditions for collective healing, from a vicious to a virtuous circle, from mass-destruction to mass-construction/renewal, from roles to authenticity, from mass-individualisation to global collaboration.

The purpose: by the end of the game, every player leaves with his/her own “transformation equation”, combining a personal recipe and collective famework in the form of a nice poster. The average duration of the game is 60 minutes.

How to play?

  • The very first task consists in having participants define a collective narrative for the transformation they want to colead, based on a discussion on the Manifesto.
  • Then, it’s very simple, each player has various start options, depending on where he considers being on the path of transformation. A little assessment is provided based on Kegan’s work – both for self-assessment and peer assessment. This little preparatory exercise is great for boosting self-awareness and creating an environment of psychological safety within the team.
  • And, time to play with the colourful dots at our disposal. Each player chooses one. The game looks like a traditional goose game, with a pair of dice and instructions directly on the board. Some of them invite the players to pick different cards organised in “challenges”. We have “mindsets” challenges, “dependency” challenges, and “tools” challenges. Another set of cards is called “community”.
  • All of the game is based on storytelling techniques and famous leadership tools and neuroscience research (among many other powerful tools of the sensemaker). And my aim is to provide you with an experience that is both very easy to understand, enriching and fun while allowing for meaningful conversations and ultimately welcome changes!

In the next article, my purpose is to give you a better outlook on the game, with concrete illustrations.

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