Join me on my new official website

Over the past months, I lobbied for a more caring and collaborative culture, and this website has been instrumental to get to where I believe we need to be more and more…

From now on, I will share my stories of collaboration on:

Please join me there! As you will see, I also decided to become a political entrepreneur. A new adventure for me that will allow me to challenge our beliefs a bit more 🙂

Note that I will close in a few weeks.


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Some years promoting digital collaboration and new ways of working in a supranational government organisation, the European Commission, and you learn a lot about how ready people are to grab the opportunities offered by new digital technologies and about what it takes to embark them into a successful digital transformation of your organisation. I help organisations close the digital divide among their Staff. According to my experience, any organisation can effectively bring about change through a well-defined process, composed of research, training and consulting. I started to work in communication about 15 years ago. Little by little, I developed a taste for changing businesses with the people that made them. Feel free to contact me !

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