About me and this initiative

Welcome on board and welcome to my world!

There has never been a better time to define the narrative to o-create a collective vision. And with this blog, my aim is to start the much-needed reflection and conversation!

During my career as a change leader, I gathered useful knowledge for all, as well as a precious network of change agents everywhere. I also created tools that I believe can bring value to the global collaboration journey ahead – the only way to solve our mega challenges.

Why this initiative

Most of us will agree that the world seems to be walking on its head. The whole system has become perverse – most decisions and actions lead to opposite results. There are proofs everywhere of our interdependence, yet we continue to weaken people which has the consequence to weaken most people at the same time. There is no other way than to ensure a big transformation and co-lead the various transitions. It’s time to reinvent everything!

But to make this happen we need the contribution of most and in particular, we need the active contribution of coleaders – those who have initiated a transformation towards a more benevolent direction in various areas: Democracy, Economy, Health, Education, Mobility, Finance, Diplomacy,…

With my initiative, I expect to create a movement towards more global collaboration and I invite everyone interested to join me in this journey!

My offer and contact

My aim is to equip all co-leaders with the skills, conditions, mindsets, behaviours, and strategies needed to amplify their actions. I can offer coaching, consultancy support, and training opportunities, as well as conversations and, community management. For now, most of my ideas can be found in my blog, but I am working on providing a clearer offer. Feel free to get in touch should you want to find out more at this stage.

And already, please connect with me on Facebook, where I will drive many conversations which I feel are needed, on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram. You can also follow me on YouTube, where I intend to publish learning material and all conversations.

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