Phygital animals

“There is one thing which strikes me a lot today: every single day of my life is digital, but there is still a part of me which wants to ignore that fact, and every time I hear or read this word, I do not feel that concerned. “Digital” is not for me.

There are still two worlds for me, the digital world and the physical world – want to know which one I call real?! I live in the physical one. I have been educated to survive in this world. What is the code of conduct behind the screen, anyway?”

Contrary to what most of us like to believe, the real world is no longer the physical one alone, it is a mix of digital and physical. No matter if we are old or young, if we use computers a lot or not, we cannot escape. We have become “phygital” animals.

Today, a similar reflection needs to be carried out for our organizations: let’s talk openly about their digital transformation. The challenge is not to simply enhance traditional methods but to enable new types of innovation and creativity, which will allow them to survive. It is time to take the measure of the change, and the impact all of this can have on us, people.